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Share your interests, view personalized ads and promotions, earn money.

What is Leaflad?

Leaflad is a personal online advertising magazine. Based on a profile that you fill and manage, you see personalized ads, promotions and reviews. And since you deserve more for sharing your data, we share part of our revenue with you!

Do you love adventure holidays, skiing, trendy jeans and gadgets? Then your Leaflad will for example be filled with an article about heli-skiing in Whistler, an offer for a pair of Diesel jeans or a review on the latest iPhone.

Why Leaflad?


Targeted ads

No more massive and impersonal ads and promotions. In Leaflad they are based on your personal profile.


You’re in control

Leaflad does not look at your browsing history or social activities. Instead, we use a profile that is filled and managed by you.


When you want

You decide when you want to look at your Leaflad. We do not bother you with ads, promotions or advertorials when you don’t want to.


Earn money

Without you there is no personal profile, no advertiser and no Leaflad. Therefore, we share 20% of our ad revenue with you and other users.

Sign up

Leaflad will be launched in 2014. You can sign up for our mailing list to get early access to our beta version.

Q & A

First of all we want to get an idea of ​​the interest in the concept. We use the number of subscribers in the conversations we have with advertisers. The more people sign up the more interesting it is for companies to advertise in Leaflad.

In addition we will send you an update on our progress (max once a month). In due course we will also ask you to think about the features that should be added to Leaflad. We want to emphasize that we won’t share your information with any third party. Should you at some point decide to opt out you can do that from the e-mails you receive from us or on this page.

To Leaflad you’re not just a user but also a supplier. We cannot exist without your data and we believe that it is only fair to share our revenue with you.

Furthermore we keep our overhead as low as possible. We spend no money on expensive offices in AAA locations, large management layers or expensive cars that are parked on a parking lot 80% of the time.

Leaflad runs in your browser so you don’t need to buy an app. Because we don’t have to develop an app for every OS we keep our fixed costs to a minimum and can share more of our revenue with you.

Based on your profile and usage you get a score. Would you put it in a formula then it will look something like this:

credit  = (total revenue in month x * 20%) * (your score / sum of all scores)

At the beginning of each month your balance in Leaflad is updated after which you decide what you want to do with it. You can decide to cash it, order something from our advertisers but you can also choose to wait and save for that new pair of jeans or boots.

In contrast to (cookie-based) Interest Based Advertising Leaflad asks you to fill in your own profile. We do not look at the websites you have visited, what social activities you have undertaken or the route you take to work every morning.

You decide what data you want to share. In addition you are and will remain the owner of your profile. Your personal information will never be sold to third parties and there are no identifying factors linked back to you personally.

Yes. It is almost impossible to run a website without using cookies. Like any other company we would like to know how many people visit our website, where they come from and what systems they use. We use Google Analytics to analyse the webstraffic. Furthermore we use AddThis for integration with social media.

Want to know more? Please feel free to read our privacy statement!

Yes, (with your permission) we can import information from other services such as Facebook, Google and TripAdvisor. Of course that would save you some time, but it’s also important to realize that we would have access to more data than you probably want.

We want to be completely transparent on the data we have at our disposal and there is no reason for us to have access to your photos or contacts. Therefore you will have to fill out the profile yourself. Of course we will make the process as simple as possible so it won’t take you hours to fill in the countries and places you have visited or the brands you love.

Your question not being listed in this Q & A does not mean we have no answer;-) Send an email to and we will send you a response as soon as possible!

Are you an advertiser, investor, or have a press inquiry? Please send an email to

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