Self-service advertising conditions

The following conditions (the ‘Self-service advertising terms’) apply to the advertising interfaces for self-service for the making, submitting and/or showing advertisements or other commercial or sponsored activities or content (jointly referred to as the ‘Advertisement interfaces for self-service’) and all the orders you place via the advertisement interfaces for self-service (‘Order’).

1. Purchasing advertisements
You can adjust your advertisements to your desired target group by purchasing advertising space on Leaflad.

  1. When placing an order, please indicate in which category you wish to place your category, how much you wish to spend and how much you are offering. When we accept your order, we will place your advertisement when there is space available. When placing your advertisement, we will do our utmost to show the advertisements to the target group you have indicated. However, we cannot guarantee that your advertisement will always reach the intended target group.
  2. You pay for your orders in accordance with our payment terms and conditions as stated in section 2. The amount you are due is calculated on the basis of our monitoring mechanism.
  3. Your advertisements must comply with our Advertising policy.
  4. We determine the placing and positioning of your advertisements.
  5. We offer no guarantees for responses to your advertisements, such as the number of times an advertisement is clicked on.
  6. We have no influence on the way in which the advertisement is clicked on. We use systems that try to detect and filter certain click activities, but we are not responsible for click fraud, technological problems or other possible invalid click activities that can influence the costs of the current advertisements.
  7. You can cancel your order at any time via our online portal, but it can also take up to 24 hours before the advertisement is stopped. You are responsible for the payment of all current advertisements.
  8. Our license to broadcast your advertisement stops when we have completed your order. You understand that if users have performed interaction with your advertisement, your advertisement remains present until the users remove it.
  9. You can use your advertisement and related content and information for marketing or promotional purposes.
  10. You will not issue a press release or make any public statement with regard to your relationship with Leaflad without our written permission.
  11. We can refuse or remove an advertisement regardless of the reason.
  12. When you publish advertisements on behalf of someone else, you need permission to place this advertisement whereby the following provisions apply:
    1. You guarantee that you have the legal authority to bind the advertising to the Self-service advertising terms and conditions and the General terms and conditions.
    2. You agree that we will hold you liable for any violation of the Self-service terms and conditions or the General terms and conditions committed by the advertiser.

2. Payment terms and conditions

  1. Financing instruments. We wish to make Leaflad as user-friendly as possible and you can finance the advertising you have purchased in various ways, e.g. via credit cards, on account or pay purchasing a prepaid credit. However, the standard means of payment is by way of credit card. If you wish to utilise another option, please contact us by sending an email to
  2. Authorisation. When you provide a financing instrument, you confirm that you are authorised to use this financing instrument. When you pay a transaction, you grant us (and the payment processor we have allocated) permission to invoice the full amount from the financing instrument you use for the transaction. You also provide us with permission to save the financing instrument along with other data related to the transaction.
  3. Payment on account. When we provide you with permission to pay your advertisements ‘on account’, you will pay all the payable amounts no later than within seven (7) days after the date of invoice by way of bank transfer into the bank account number stated on the invoice.
  4. Authorisation. When you pay with a credit card we may request prior permission for a certain amount from the credit card company. This amount can be as high as the full purchase price. We will debit the amount from your card the moment you load the financing for your transaction via Leaflad or shortly after. When you cancel a transaction before completing it, this prior permission can lead to this financing not being immediately available for other purposes.
  5. Financing failed. When you finance a payment with a debit card and this transaction results in your balance being less than zero or if the bank invoices other costs, you are solely responsible for these costs.
  6. Promise for payment. When you purchase advertisements on or via Leaflad, you agree to pay all the amounts stated in the order plus any taxes.
  7. Permission for credit control. By placing your order you provide your written permission to request a personal and/or business credit report about you with a credit information bureau. We can request your credit report upon your placement of an order or at any other time
  8. Security. You are responsible for the security of your advertisement account and you understand that you need to pay for any order placed on or via your advertisement account.
  9. Cancellation. You can cancel an advertisement order at any time via our online portal; however it is possible that your advertisements will be shown for a couple of days after this notification whereby you will remain responsible for the payment of these advertisements.
  10. Invoices. The amount you need to pay for the advertising you have purchased is determined weekly on the basis of our monitoring systems. The invoice resulting from this calculation is placed in the online portal and is made available to you for viewing and/or downloading for your own administration. We also inform you via the email address you have provided on the invoice and the payable amount.
  11. Liability for taxes. The amounts we invoice via your credit card or otherwise can be subject to the applicable taxes, including, but not limited to wage tax. You are responsible for paying taxes as they apply to your transactions. You agree to indemnify and relieve us against any claims resulting from your failure to pay taxes.
  12. Negligent accounts. When you purchase advertisements and your payment method fails or if you have a payment deficit on your account we can take measures to collect the outstanding amount via other payment mechanisms. You agree to pay the costs related to these mechanisms, including reasonable legal costs. Interest is added to the outstanding amounts, whereby a fee applies of 1% per month or the legally permissible maximum (the lower of the two).
  13. Prepaid account. You have the option to purchase advertisements with a prepaid account. Prepaid amounts are not repaid, unless required by law. Leaflad is not a bank and therefore does not provide the same services as banks. This means that prepaid amounts are not subject to interest and initial payment obligations and are not insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the Financial Services Compensation Scheme or any other entity or insurance company, governmental or private.
  14. Notification duty. When you consider that an un-authorised or otherwise problematic transaction has taken place in your account, you agree to inform us immediately so that we can take measures to prevent financial loss. Unless you submit a claim with us within 30 days after the debit, you will waive any claim against us, insofar permissible, that result from or are otherwise related to the transaction.

The Advertisement interfaces for self-services form part of ‘Leaflad’ pursuant to the General terms and conditions of Leaflad. These General terms and conditions remain applicable on your use of the Advertisement interfaces for self-service and other use of Leaflad. if there is a clear conflict between the Self-service advertising terms and conditions and the General terms and conditions, the Self-service advertising terms and conditions exclusively apply to your use of the Advertising interfaces for self-service and insofar as the conflict reaches. We can ask you to read and accept additional terms and conditions as they apply to your use of a specific function or functionality that is available via the Advertising interfaces for self-service. If there is a clear conflict between the Self-service advertising terms and conditions and the additional terms and conditions, the additional terms and conditions apply to your use of the function or functionality insofar as the conflict reaches. Leaflad retains the right to inspect your compliance of the Self-service advertising terms and conditions periodically and to change these terms and conditions, and when you continue to use the Advertising interfaces for self-service, you implicitly agree to these changes.

These conditions were originally drawn up in the Dutch language (NL). If any translated version of this agreement contradicts the Dutch language version, the Dutch language version is binding.

Last amended: 20 September 2016