What you like
Let us know what you're interested in and start discovering products & services you'll really like. From fashion to technology, food & drinks to sports. You'll find all ads and promotions in one place.
Control your data
You have full control over your profile and decide what data companies can use in targeting their campaigns. We don't use your browsing history, social activities or other on-line or off-line traces you leave behind and DON'T SELL YOUR DATA to other companies.
Earn money
We believe that you are the owner of your data. Therefore we share 20% of our ad revenue with you and all other consumers. You can use those credits to receive a cash back when you buy something from one of the advertisers on our platform.


We offer a unique way to promote your product or service to consumers that are most likely to care about your business.

With our easy to use campaign management you can:

- Reach consumers bases on age, gender, interests and location.

  • Analyse the results of your campaigns so you can make them even better.

Interested? Click the button below, sign up and publish your first campaign within five minutes. And because we would love to have you on board, we'll give you €100,- in advertising credits.

About us

Leaflad gives consumers full control over the data companies can use to approach them. Instead of tracking every single (digital) step they take, we just ask them what they love and show all personal ads & offers in one place. And since we believe that consumers are the legitimate owner of their data, we share 20% of our advertising revenue with them.

On our platform consumers can share their personal profile, interests and more. Whether it is the city they live in, their age, the brands they love or the countries/cities they want to visit sometime. Companies (big or small, national or local) can use the platform to target individual consumers with personalized offers & ads which will be shown in their Leaflad.